Anderson, Frank Ross
Birth Jan 3, 1928
Edmondon, Ontario, Canada
Death Sep 18, 1980
San Diego, California
Nationality CAN - Canada

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Last update May 30, 2003
Biographical data
Canadian player.
International Master, 1954

Chess Career
Represented Canada at Olympiads (1954, 1958, 1964).
2nd place Canadian Correspondence Championship 1946.
First place U.S. Junior Championship 1948.
Best score, Board 2, Olympiads 1954 (+13 =2 -2) and 1958 (+9 =3 -1)

by Bill Wall
Three-time Canadian Champion and International Master (1954). He came closer to the Grandmaster title than any other player. In 1958 he scored 84% in the Munich Olympiad. He became ill and was unable to play his final round. He missed the Grandmaster title because of this. Even if he had played and lost, he would have made the final norm necessary for the Grandmaster title.

by Carol Anderson-Menz
Frank was ill with childhood rhumatoid arthritis from his early years. He was confined to bed from the age of ten for about ten years. He was not able to develop his body, so he opted to develop his mind. He began to play chess by correspondence, and then, in his early twenties, when he was able to walk again, participated in tournaments and games in Toronto. He held a World record with a friend of his for many years for winning the most tandem chess games against simultaneous opponents. He and his partner would move around the inside of a donut shaped group of tables, playing as if they were one, and have to calculate both the strategy of each opponent, as well as his teammate, for ten or twenty games at once. He won a phenomenal percentage. (I forget what the official name of this type of playing is). One of his most notable games was against Bobby Fischer, when they played to a draw.

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