Bogart, Humprey
Birth Dec 25, 1899
New York, New York, USA.
Death Jan 14, 1957
Beverly Hills, California, USA.
Nationality USA - United States of America

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Last update Jan 7, 2000
Biographical data
US actor and chess enthusiast.
The chess scene in the famous movie Casablanca (1943) where he studies a chess position while talking to Peter Lorre, was probably filmed because of Bogart's passion for the game.

by Bill Wall
Before becoming a movie star, Humphrey Bogart hustled strangers at 5-minute chess for 50 cents a game in chess parlors in New York Times Square. In 1943 the FBI prevented him from playing postal chess, thinking the chess notation were secret codes. He was a USCF tournament director and active in the California State Chess Association. He once drew a game against Reshevsky in a simultaneous exhibition. He made 75 films and chess appears in several of his movies. He and his wife, Lauren Bacall, appeared on the cover of CHESS REVIEW in 1945 playing chess with Charles Boyer.

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