Polgar, Zsuzsa
Birth Apr 19, 1969
Budapest, Hungary.
Nationality HUN - Hungary
Titles GM - International Grandmaster

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Last update Aug 10, 1999
Biographical data
Hungarian Player.
International Grandmaster, 1991.
International Master, 1984.
World Woman Under 16 Champion, 1981.

by Bill Wall
Winner of the first Women's Cadet (under age 16) Championship in 1981. She won the Budapest Under-11 Championship at age four and a half. At age 12 she was rated over 2300 in Hungary and 2245 FIDE rating. In 1987 FIDE gave 100 free rating points to every woman except Susan on the world ranking list. This topped Susan from the top spot to second behind the Soviet women's titleholder. She became world champion in 1996.

Chess Career
1st 1981 Varna
1st 1984 Varna
1st 1988 Women's Olympiad in Hungary
1st 1988 Egilsstadhir
1st 1989 Leon
1st 1990 Women's Olympiad in Hungary
1st 1993 Monaco
1st 1995 Sankt Peterburg
1st 1996 Linares
1st 1996 Oslo

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